Frequently Asked Questions
  •   What is the purpose of this website?
  • Share International is looking for copyright-free and royalty-free images and other media for use in its various publications and outreach materials. To meet this need we created a secure and private Media Upload and Licensing Portal to allow anyone to submit their images, videos and stories for use across the network of Reappearance workers. During the submission process, individuals will be asked to check a box which will provide Share International and its worldwide volunteers/groups an extensive copyright license to use that media – solely for Share International purposes – in the magazine, website, social media, brochures, flyers, pamphlets and more.
  •   Where do I start? How does it work?
  • You will start the process by entering your email address at We will then send you a verification email with a unique link to the upload page. Please be sure to check your "Trash" or "Junk" folder if you do not immediately receive a message with the upload link.
  •   What type of media do you want?
  • We are looking for a variety of images, videos, graphics and other electronic media that you have created or will create – past, present and future. We are also looking for your stories that could be published in Share International magazine. Many people have submitted photos over the years. For us to continue using these photos, or any new materials you wish to submit, we need for you to re-submit them via this new portal.

    As for allowed files, we are currently accepting the following file types: images (jpg/jpeg, png, gif, tif, eps, pdf); videos (mov, mp4, wmv, avi); audio (mp3); and text (txt, rtf, doc/docx). Each file must be 200 MB or smaller in size.
  •   What is required when I submit my file(s)?
  • We ask that you provide a description, short or long, to give us some context. A "File Description" text box will appear after you begin uploading a file using the box labeled "Drag and drop files or click to select".

    If you are uploading an image that has previously been confirmed by Benjamin Creme please include that information in the "File Description" box. If possible, though certainly not required, please include the magazine edition number and/or month and year if it was previously published in Share International magazine and any other relevant notes.
  •   How do I contact you with questions?
  • Please use our Contact Us page to send questions regarding this website.